Dog Memories

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I lie here so quiet with my head on my paw

Both eyes are open as I watch the door.

Remembering the years that have quickly gone by

The bond of affection between us a tie.

The days long ago when I was so small

I had your affection, to me that was all.

My body grew stronger, I grew day by day

On warm summer evenings I so loved to play.

I’d jump in the air for the ball that you’d toss

And when I was naughty you could not stay cross.

My coat was so shiny, my body so strong

My pleasure was being with you all day long.

But now I am older, my muzzle is grey

I sometimes don’t hear the words that you say.

So I take it easy now I’m not so young

In my mind I relive all the things we have done.

But though I am old, now of this I am sure

My day is complete when you walk through the door.

And I know this old dog, you’ll never forsake

For the bond that’s between us no-one can break.



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