Home Page Short quotes on grief Death is nothing at all She is gone He is gone  What is dying  May the road  Miss me, but let me goI let you go  I am free Do not stand Think of me Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep  Things I left unsaid When I must Leave When I am dead When the end comes We seem to give To Those I Love Only we who grieve Though I am Dead Thou that mournest Strength Born of Pain Remember me A special Bridge No night without In Flanders Fields My Little Angel Turn again to life If only If I should die I shall always The Hand of God God’s Lent Girl God’s Lent Boy Book of Wisdom Pilgrim’s Progress Reflection Fisherman’s Ashes Death Understood Kirsty xxx We Let You Go God’s Garden God sends his love Ask not (her) Prayer of Faith Ask not (him) The Rose I felt an angel Quiet Corner Life must go on Esther’s Song I know I have died I miss you Journey’s End The one I was Death a destination A Parting Guest This Life Mattered Precious Lord Your Mother Give her special care Give him special care Sleep Soft If Tomorrow starts When a good person dies Immeasurable To Shatter The Sky The Measure of a Man Through Which Gate? The Final Inspection Farewell my friends June’s Farewell X The Dragon FlyA Soldier Died Today Death, Life and Sadness Death is the future Requiem for a gardener He who loves a garden I am Sorry I Left You If I be the first Paris Husband Who Lost His WifeFeel No Guilt (M) Feel No Guilt (F) An Extract from No Matter What An Extract from Fahrenheit 451 Intimations of Immortality  An Extract from The Tempest Funeral Blues Holy Sonnet Sail On Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Native American Poem An Extract from Cymbeline Adlestrop An Extract from Wind in the Willows Gone From My Sight Not in Vain  Heaven’s Light I Live On An Extract from No Matter What A Word on Grief The Velveteen Rabbit An extract from Winnie the Pooh The Dash Between How long does a man live?  



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