The Dash Between

I knelt there at the headstone

of one I love and cried.

Name with dates of birth and death

were perfectly inscribed.


I pondered these two dates

and how little they both mean

when compared to the tiny dash

that lies there in between.


The dash serves as an emblem

of our time here on the earth

and although small, it stands for all

our years of life and worth.


And our worth will be determined

by how we live each day.

We can fill our dash with goodness,

or waste our life away.


To ourselves, as well as others,

let’s be honest, kind and true,

and live our lives in the way

we know God wants us to.


Let’s look for opportunities

to do a worthy deed,

showing love and understanding

to those who are in need.


For If our hearts are full of love

throughout our journey here,

we’ll be loved by all who knew us

and our memory they’ll hold dear.


And when we die, those memories

will bring grateful loving tears

to all whose lives were touched

by the dash between our years.


by Ron Tranmer©

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