Infinite Loop

An infinite loop is a computer programming concept, describing a situation of cause and effect that continues forever, one action causing another action that causes the first action etc.

These loops never happen in real life, unless…

A company CEO tells his secretary:”Next week we’re going to a convention abroad and spend some quality time together, please make all the required arrangements.

The secretary calls her husband: “Next week the boss is taking me abroad for a week on business, please take care of yourself during this time.”

The husband calls his lover: “My wife is going abroad for a week, let’s spend it together.”

The lover, a private school teacher, tells the children: “Because of a personal problem, I will not be at school next week, so you’ll be studying at home.”

One of the kids went to his grandfather and said: “Grandpa, next week I don’t have school, you promised me that if I had time off we’d go to the mountains together.”

The grandfather, who was the CEO, calls his secretary and tells her: “My grandson asked me to spend the week with him, so we’re not going abroad.”

The secretary calls her husband: “The boss cancelled, we’ll be together, my love.”

The husband calls his lover: “We can’t spend the week together, my wife is staying.”

The lover tells the kids: “My problem was solved, school is back on.”

The kid goes to the grandfather: “Sorry grandpa, school is back on, I won’t be able to go.”

The CEO calls his secretary: “My grandson won’t be able to spend next week with me, rebook the flight abroad.”

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