June’s Farewell


To My Children


You’ll remember me,

As I will remember you,

And although it hurts now,

You Will find a way through.


As I gave you life,

You gave me my wish,

Our bond will not break,

Nor our love diminish.


I’ve taught you all well,

Of that I am sure,

To love and be kind,

To keep your heart pure.


Live life to the full,

Your future’s not set,

Accept that some things just happen,

Pay no heed to regret.


Never arrive or leave,

Without giving a kiss,

It shows that you care,

I promise you this.


Some things of me you’ll remmeber,

Some things you’ll forget,

But don’t worry I forgive you,

We’ve done so much since we met.


Our time here was perfect,

It’s a shame it must end,

I will miss you all dearly,

Your mother and friend.



June Burnie

26th October 2009



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