Old Folk

That silly old bugger, who’s too damned slow,

Who gets in your way when you’re full of go,

Who never hears the words that you say,

But mumbles and grumbles and shuffles away,

And that dithering old biddy too long at the till

Counting her pension and checking her bill,

They once were as quick and as clever as you,

So spare them a thought whatever you do.

They were in London during the blitz

Or flying in war planes, or serving in ships,

Or fighting at Dunkirk, or El Alamein,

The places they served are too many to name.

The people they were, you never will be,

The things that they saw, you never will see,

The things that they did, you will never do,

So spare them a thought, like they did for you.

Written by Bill Bradshaw, Swindon, Wiltshire

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