Poem to Pam

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Yesterday – what worth this life
So full of sadness, heartache, strife
Going nowhere

Nowhere to go
Feeling down

Feeling low
What then life’s meaning
Where then the rhyme
Lost in mystical mists of time
Ah… but wait… time passeth on
Yesterday was

But now has gone
All that once was

Is now what has been
A change of moment brings a change of scene
Come today

What worth this soul
Now with a dream

Now with a goal
Going somewhere

Somewhere to go
Full of hope

Full of glow
Life does have meaning

Life does have rhyme
Today things are rosy

Today things are fine
Ah… but wait… Time passeth by
Another day brings another sky
Come dawn tomorrow

Then what worth this life
This soul

This man of earth
He knows the future has yet to come
That shall be done

As shall be done
Content in this

In this content
He counts his blessings

Heaven sent
Now inner peace pervades his being
Through different eyes the world he’s seeing
To love he owes this transformation
Why he walks on cloud formation
Walking tall with love to treasure
Today his worth can no know measure.

                                                                                                                      Harry Guest

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