Poems of Encouragement

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Dare to dream of coloured rainbows

and fine “castles in the air” –

and a Sun that shines so brightly

making cloudy days seem rare!

When you aim to find a purpose

then your life becomes worthwhile.

You will dazzle those about you –

when you show your own true style!

Our dreams are not for keeping –

simply borrowed for a while;

to console us in adversity

and teach us how to smile!

Dream again of coloured rainbows

and of bluebirds flying high.

You will overcome the obstacles

once you decide to try!



I’m bound for a place called The Upside of Down

It isn’t a city nor is it a town.

It’s a chink in the darkness where the light filters in

Or the hint of a smile turning into a grin

I’m searching and seeking Oh! Where can it be?

An astonishing find – it is hidden in me.

The Upside of Down is the yes side of no.

It’s just round the corner I’m ready to go.

I’ll get there much sooner if I don’t hesitate.

Now is the time – before it’s too late!

For the Upside of Down will not come into view

If I don’t lift my head and decide what to do.



A circle of friendship…

is bound together,

by sharing good moments

and Life’s stormy weather:

And should you feel lonely…

you needn’t pretend;

surrender your false pride

and lean on a friend.

A circle of friendship…

is a growing delight;

it helps dispel sadness,

as it lets in the ‘light.’

A circle of friendship…

warms you in its glow;

take that warmth with you

and feel the ‘love’ grow.

You stand in a circle…

with hands reaching out;

the giving of yourself,

is what friendship’s about!



Love is a splendid word –

it is a dream come true.

Being the power beyond all powers –

it heals the hurt in you.

It’s like a river flowing,

greening its thirsty banks;

or like a young child praying…

offering its heart’s honest thanks.

Love’s a renewing spirit…

that falls on the desert, like rain;

your soul is refreshed by Love’s teardrops

and your life can bear fruit once again.

High on a hill we’ve a vision…

of things unseen from below.

In the world we find indecision…

from the hilltop we’re able to “know!”

Love is a boundless ocean,

deeper than you can conceive.

Its wisdom awaits your discovery –

simply open your mind and believe!


A LOVE SONG (for the Spirit)

The spirit of your love…

encircles me so warmly.

Although you are not here –

I sense your presence near me.

The spirit of your love…

abides now and enfolds me;

strengthening me uncannily –

though you, I cannot see.

The spirit of your love…

feels real and so endearing;

it’s comforting to me…

and somehow, strangely cheering.

The spirit of your love…

goes on and on, unending.

I’ll always be aware…

of encouragement you’re sending.

And so I need not tremble,

alone and in distress…

when the spirit of your love,

is so full of tenderness.



I saw a wild violet…

growing by the road;

she couldn’t raise her face to me…

because of her heavy load.

Her leaves were limp and wilting:

she felt she had no worth.

Her roots to Life were stunted…

by the dryness of the earth.

In some strange way, the violet’s plight…

touched a chord in me, so deep.

I shed compassionate tears on her

and she awoke from sleep.

What joy for me to see her now…

opening wide her violet eye;

and nodding with ‘a knowing smile’ –

each time I pass her by.

Remember the environment…

shapes the way that people grow;

and they discover what Love means…

when God’s love to them, you show!



There’s a part of my life that’s now over.

There’s a part of my life that’s now gone:

and the time’s come for turning a new page –

for leaving behind what went wrong.

If I think of each day as a blessing;

a renewal of my energy:

then I shall move forward in confidence,

realising what my life can be.

Now, that part of my life is over…

I give thanks for it’s helped me to see,

how acceptance of hurt, then forgiveness;

transformed my own image of me.



Lord, I come to you as I sip a cup of tea:

a pen is close to hand and a pad rests on my knee.

The morning rush is over, my day with You begins.

I’m talking to You ‘in my mind’, of everyday things.

I discover You’re my friend – the One who makes my Spirit sing.

The brightness of the Light You shine, means more than anything.

And so I take You with me through each hour of the day;

Your unwavering Presence will not let me fall away.

You see me just the way I am and accept me when I falter.

My heart’s moved by Your loyalty and a Love which does not alter.

A secret conversation is my passage through the night.

The Hope that You have given me, inspires these words I write!



To have a friend, then be a friend

and put judgments away.

It’s time now for the generous heart

to ask a friend to stay.

It means so much to share a day…

with someone whom you know.

The moments pass, too fleetingly

and soon it’s time to go.

You’ll always have good memories…

to call on when you’re sad;

for you’ll recall those special times

and the friends who made you glad.

Others will remember…

if you’re a friend in need.

For the hallmark of a friend…

is to be a friend indeed.

Time may close the curtain…

as you farewell a friend;

but you will see that friendship lasts…

for love can never end!



Imagine the Sun shining brightly…

beyond the deep ravine –

it’s lighting up the landscape…

so that everything is seen.

The memory of darkness…

I prefer not to recall:

but would rather think of sunshine…

and gum trees growing tall.

I contemplate this Country,

a vast and open land…

blessed with rich diversity;

suddenly – I understand.

There is a time for everything,

with acceptance, live and learn;

that happiness can be derived…

out of something which seemed stern.

They say this is a ‘sunburnt’ land:

it can be harsh, that’s true.

However, I discover…

there are valleys green with dew.

Refreshing pools and waterfalls,

in which to splash my feet –

and the coolness of a forest,

a sheltering retreat.

The Sun is shining brightly…

though it isn’t always seen;

but when a flower flourishes…

you know where it has been!



Something we hold in our heart

has more worth than what’s held in the hand.

Flashback to days on the seashore

building our castles of sand.

Playing-out dreams in the sunshine,

touching the Earth with our hands

and with fingers as scoops of sensation,

sifting the warm sea-washed sand.

A happy remembrance of childhood

can swing us back into the Light.

Our heart holds the key of simplicity,

kept beautifully polished and bright and

turning the key with the hands of a child,

can uncover once more pure delight!



Miracle of love

shines its radiant ray

giving hard or hopeless hearts

a chance to see the Way.

Miracle of love

brings you consolation,

calls you from your apathy

to a place of expectation.

Love highlights your soul,

transforming all you are

and others in dark places

see your light as Hope’s bright star!



Imagine a place…

your own special space,

where you can sit down and just ‘be’ –

a place where your being feels free.

Search in that place…

in your own special space.

In reflections of quietness you’ll find –

there are beautiful thoughts in your mind.

Yourself, as a child,

knew what was right

and joyfully played

in the hours of sunlight.

Threatening clouds form,

they darken the skies…

and the wonder of childhood

and innocence dies.

Because you are fragile,

you need tender care –

someone to love you.

Someone… to be there!

Imagine a place…

your own special space;

where Love surrounds you…

in an endless embrace.

Out of the dark night,

emerges the day.

From your journey through childhood –

you learn a new way!



Allow my heart in praise to sing –

Silent now, head bowed in prayer

Small gesture of sincerity

One last Goodbye to bear!

Proud being full of courage strong

And friendship genuine and warm.

Real thoughts of living, not of death –

But Life is only one short breath!

Imprinted images remain –

To keep in mind of you.

Empty the long, slow days to come

The precious spirit, hence has flown

And taken part of Life away –

Still stays your treasured memory.



by Roslyn (Ros) Mansell



Always sing the Lord’s song!

Always smile His smile!

Always cheer the traveller…

who walks the lonely mile!

Always say: “You’re welcome!”

Offer hospitality!

Serve the stranger in your midst,

whoever they may be.

Always wear His Garment –

to protect you from the storm.

Shelter His beloved ones…

and in turn, He’ll keep you warm.

Never feel downtrodden!

Always stand upright!

You’re a precious person…

and you’re blameless in His sight.

With a singing Spirit,

you won’t be ‘lost’ for long;

uplifted by the power of Love…

you’ll find where you belong.

Never cease from singing!

Make your song worthwhile!

Create a unique melody…

one that won’t go out of style!



Masking the pain and hiding the fear;

shedding tears in silence so that others will not hear.

Thus you become adept at playing out your role;

so cleverly disguising “the dark night of your soul.”

Who sees the pain behind ‘smiling’ eyes?

Who knows the hidden anguish….. borne by a heart that cries?

It’s thought of with shame in this Society

to admit to falling victim to the winds of adversity.

What occurs when everything seems too hard to bear?

When you lose your grip and slip into despair?

How can you rise above this situation?

Only through the power of Love’s manifestation.

All that I know is that One has gone before…………

He’s walked every pathway and opened every door.

Within a barren heart – as in a desolate land;

He creates a well-spring……. “An Oasis” in the sand!



A movement, a look,

a tilt of the head;

when tuned into these things…

the message is read.

The way of your walking –

head up or hung down;

the smile in your eyes,

or a worrisome frown.

The world sees your gestures…

and by them it knows,

your innermost feelings…

from your head to your toes.

Those with perception,

become quite aware

of words yet unspoken…

you’re unwilling to share.

Don’t feel discouraged…

if you can’t express,

your deepest emotions

of pain or distress.

Your body language

tells what words cannot say;

a friend whose observant…

reads your silent display.

Dismiss those fears

of rejection or scorn;

they’re merely shadows…

sent to make you forlorn.

Find in this moment

Love’s essence of Joy.

Embrace life with courage

and its power employ!



God is our peace –

He opens the way…

for us to breathe deeply;

of His calmness each day.

When we grow weary

of travelling Life’s road;

let’s return to His resting place…

our Spirit’s abode.

God is our peace –

hold that thought in mind;

it’s no more a secret…

but a joy, to be defined.

God is our peace –

in the ‘eye of the storm’.

His closeness, our comfort…

until the breaking of Dawn.

God is our peace –

in prayer we appeal…

for an end to our suffering;

which He alone can heal!



Love is not love, if not genuine:

it’s a powerful sensation all can feel.

It’s like a gift that’s expansive…

the more you offer others, the more Love becomes real.

Love’s an enigma that’s enduring:

it’s Spirit’s so tender, yet strong.

It hears the yearning… your unsung melody…

and creates in you a ‘healing’ song.

Life often changes unpredictably –

‘yet with Love, alteration’s never found.’

It is the cord, which keeps chaos in rein;

the force that keeps your feet on the ground.

‘Let Love be Genuine’ – make it sincere:

instilling harmony in all.

Accept the truth of the challenge that you hear:

and be unafraid to live up to Love’s call!



Looking, listening and loving…

are skills we all need to learn;

if we wish to live to the fullest,

and help others by showing concern.

Looking for ways to encourage:

listening, for ‘unspoken’ needs.

Loving all people, through critical times,

strengthening them with prayer and kind deeds.

Opening our eyes to the promise…

of what’s possible when we believe.

Eager to serve with a purpose,

we are blessed as we trust and achieve.

Our looking, listening and loving…

calm the fears of a most troubled mind.

Christ loves us, as sister and brother:

be like Him, strive to heal humankind!



The pain stirs deep within;

you strive to overcome,

but when it throbs increasingly…

you let yourself succumb.

How can you find a way…

out of such bleak despair,

when pain blocks out the sense of Hope…

and you’re too weak to care?

You don’t know where to go;

you don’t know what to do.

You’re even tempted to escape…

this life that tethers you.

Your eyes reflect the anguish…

of inner tension, inmost fear.

The pain is surging once again –

yet, you cannot shed a tear.

Instead you rock in silence,

hugging your body’s pain –

desperate during intervals…

to control yourself again.

It’s then you dream of shattering…

the pain that’s like a shell,

confining you to the agony…

of a personal living hell.

The pain stirs deep within;

you strive to overcome;

mystic acceptance fills the void…

with His words – “Thy will be done!”




The daisies lay scattered on the table…

spread there looking, fresh and bright and gay.

There they lay a’wilting on the table…

waiting for someone “to save the day.”

She came then, with a vase of living water…

her gentle actions held them in her sway.

Their heads no longer drooped in resignation…

as her hands arranged them simply, for display.

With upturned faces, they smiled so naturally

and brightened up the kitchen for the day.

Her heart sang a happy song of pleasure…

her awareness heightened by the colourful array.

Tomorrow, it might be over…

but she’d have a precious memory to stay;

of the daisies from the wild fields…

which shared their beauty with her for a day!



God, enfold the Spirit, as it leaves this Earth behind.

Welcome it into Your Realm, with a greeting warm and kind.

Comfort, now, the grieving ones, bereft and left behind:

may Your Presence strengthen them and bring acceptance to the mind.

For those who live in suffering, the dying and the weak;

use us to show Your mercy, give us gentle words to speak.

And when comes the moment, and there’s no more to convey…

surround us in Your Silence, as we quietly wait and pray.

God, support our spirits, in everything we do:

inspire love in our actions – so our serving tells of You.

In living and in dying, You are always there – ‘on-call’;

our hope through every circumstance – so faithful through it all!



On reflection, you consider:

“Where have the Seasons gone?”

Their passage into yesterday…

means another year’s moved on.

Today you cannot know…

what the Future holds;

grasp the essence of the moment,

as precious Time unfolds.

Expectantly anticipate…

those happenings yet to be;

and so inspire your Spirit…


Focus on your dream…

as a possibility;

being mindful of your attitude,

changes your reality.

Welcome every morning…

as though a New Year’s come.

Make this ‘Alpha’ your awakening…

to the place where Life’s begun!


You’ll find God’s New Year blesses you –

according to the things you do!



Touch the Earth…

with showers of healing rain;

quench her thirst

and take away her pain.

Fill her rivers

and her streams.

Refresh her oceans

and realise her dreams.

Renew her trees…

that we may breathe fresh air.

Enrich our lives with true desire…

to tend our Earth with care.

Make us good keepers…

equal to this task;

so Earth becomes abundant

and our livelihood can last.

Think of the future…

and of how things will be,

if we don’t cultivate our gifts…

to use resourcefully.

Feel this plea…

this calling to re-birth;

be open to the passion…

to touch and heal the Earth.



Within the Church a candle burns

and somehow you seem to know;

God’s spirit’s captured in the flame

and it won’t let Him go.

And in the window of your Home…

shines bright candlelight;

placed there to greet the wanderer

from the shadows of the night.

In troubled times, so silently…

a candle draws us near.

As we watch it glowing in the darkness…

its beauty calms our fear.

A candle burns and scents the air

with a perfume of its own;

when you become aware of it…

you know you’re not alone.

A candle glows within your heart…

in a secret sanctuary

where a soul can be remembered…

into Eternity.

A candle’s flame’s not always still…

sometimes it “bobs about”;

but its light is so encouraging

when the stars have all gone out.



Just as the leaves of Autumn –

I’m changing constantly;

where I am at this moment…

is where I am meant to be.

How can I question,

or doubt this poetry?

A given truth confirming…

my soul’s reality.

I am all the Seasons…

turning, ’til they’re done.

My evolving Spirit, is…

part of the “Three-in-One.”

Where I am at this moment,

is where I am meant to be;

as the leaves of Autumn turn…

I’m changing constantly!



You are a new spring…

upon a mountain;

soon then, a cascade…..

a waterfall.

You bring refreshment…

to worldly wanderers;

in Nature’s quietness…

they hear You call.

An inspiration,

to those who seek You

and find You – just,

when they’re about to fall.

The perfect moment,

within that meeting…

where lies the Hope,

to once again stand tall.



Recall a time alone,

when you called out a name;

but there was no encouragement

and nobody came.

Simply light a candle…

feel the comfort in its glow.

Soon you’ll sense a ‘Presence’

and your loneliness will go.

Refresh yourself each day…

within the candle’s ray.

Use the ‘Light’ it sheds on you…

to chase darkness away.

Give yourself a moment,

in a place where you’re apart.

Surrender in the solitude…

the burdens of your heart.

Peacefulness will follow,

bringing harmony to heal.

Light a candle as a symbol –

of a ‘Presence’ which is real



We gaze in wonder, as wind-blown flakes arise…

igniting lights of Autumn in our eyes.

Spellbound by the beauty of the scene,

entranced by Nature’s golden robe, now changed from Summer-green.

On either side the narrow, winding road…

stand vibrant candles shimmering in the Sun;

and bronze-edged leaves, quiver one by one…

as they take up the chase and fly-the-wind, in fun.

Like brilliant clouds of butterflies…

dancing their ‘last waltz’, in pure delight;

capriciously abandoned…

in their flight.

Time turns around…

and paper butterflies are found – and heard;

rustling as they settle ‘neath the trees,

singing their last song as Autumn leaves!


Poems of Encouragement

by Roslyn (Ros) Mansell

© Copyright Ros Mansell 2010



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