Dear Miss Fisher

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Dear Miss Fisher,


The warden is very kindly writing this letter for me because my arthritis is worse than ever today. I want to thank you for the lovely recycled radio that you have provided me with. It really is wonderful that absolute strangers like you and your colleagues should find the time and energy to help people such as me.


My room mate Mrs James has had a radio, but she never lets me listen to it and she always switches it off when I come into the room. The radio that you have given will be a comfort and company to me as my daughter and son-in-law visit me only once a month. I know they don’t like me and only come out of a sense of duty. I will tell them of your Christianity and obvious compassion for fellow human beings.


A very sad thing happened today. Mrs James’ radio blew up just before Woman’s Hour and she asked me if she could listen to the programme on my lovely new radio, but I told her to get stuffed.




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