I Miss You

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I miss you since God called you
To his radiant realms above;
I miss just being with you
And the sharing of our love

I miss you in the morning
When the sunrise gilds the skies,
I miss your tender greeting
And the love light in your eyes.

I miss you in the daytime
As I walk my lonely way,
Knowing how much more I’ll miss you
At the closing of the day

And yet, deep down within me
Far beyond the grief and pain,
I know that sometime, somewhere
We shall surely meet again.

That in the shining realms above,
Beyond life’s little day
Will come the flowering of our love
Along God’s chosen way.

I searched the wonders of nature
For visions as lovely as you,
Found snow-covered peaks and waterfalls
And roses with sequins of dew.

Then taking my palette and brushes
I captured the joys that I saw
And hung all the canvases on my walls
Till the walls couldn’t hold any more.

Surrounded by these many splendours
My dazzled mind held in their thrall,
I spent several hours and didn’t feel
The pain of your absence at all.

But alas all my beautiful pictures
Began to dissolve in the night,
And walls once again stark and empty
Greeted the cold morning light.

I thought of you then and remembered
All the treasures beyond your sweet face.
And I knew you were one of the wonders
That nature could never replace.

Author unknown

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