Journey’s End

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My love you’ve nearly reached your journeys end
And you may find some peace at last when there
My husband lover and my true best friend
Your suffering’s been too much for you to bear
And when you leave, I know full well you must
I’ll just remember all our happy days
When you were strong my love and so robust
With smiling face and all your gentle ways
I never will forget the years we had
When life stretched out with hope and future bright
Now plans we made just mock and make me sad
But oh my love, how hard you’ve tried to fight
You must have had in lucid moments, fears.
Yet hoping that a cure was still to be
But mostly in your long and lonely years
You did not know just who you were, or me
Now blessed peace at last my love your pain is wiped away
For yes my darling you have reached your journeys end today.Pamela M. Brooke (January 2004)

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