Path Called Life

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How strange this path called life

  With the ups and downs it brings,

How fearful we become

Of the many silly things,

That happen on the way

   When we stumble and we fall,

 For sometimes we forget

There is One on whom to call.

We only have to ask

‘Could You help me for a while,

Light my way a little

Along this troubled mile’,

He’ll stretch out both His hands

And He’ll gently intercede,

He’ll comfort us and guide us

For He knows our every need.

 Now sometimes in our life

  When the falls, they hurt so much,

We need a little more

Than that gentle loving touch,

Then He comes unbidden

And he lifts us in His arms,

He carries us a while

 In His strong and loving palms.

He feels our every hurt

   And our pain becomes His own,

Our tears mingle with His

They are never shed alone,

His love is ever there

So open your heart and feel,

The comfort of Our Lord

It is oh, so very real.

V. Evans

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