Snowman’s Hat

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The night was cold and frosty, with the snow all crisp and I deep,

When the Snowman closed his snowy eyes and then fell fast asleep.

But the Snowman was so very sad when he awoke next day,

For someone crept up fn the night and took his hat away.


Now the Snowman loved his special hat and tried hard not to cry,

But his friend the cheerful Robin saw the teardrops in his eye.

“You see, I’ve nothing else to wear,” the Snowman sadly said,

“And I always felt so very proud with a hat upon my head.”


“And everyone said I looked so smart and it fitted me just right.

Who do you think would steal my hat when I slept in the night?

Would you ask and see if you can find who took my hat away?

I’d really like to have it back and then I’ll smile all day.”


So the Robin said he’d try his best and ask everyone he saw ‘

He plucked up lots of courage and asked the cat next door.

But the cat said, “It wasn’t me, for I don’t need a hat,

And all last night, when the cold wind blew, I slept on the fireside mat.”


“It wasn’t me,” the rabbit said, “for I live underground

And the hat would cover my two ears and I wouldn’t hear a sound.”

“And it wasn’t me,” said the big black crow, “for I don’t mind the rain,

And if I’d taken it away, I’d bring it back again.”


Up in the sky the North Wind blew and listened as they spoke

“I took the hat” he softly said, “just for a little joke

I didn’t mean the Snowman harm, I’m sorry if he’s sad.

I did not know the hat he wore was the only hat he had.”


And the North Wind now felt so ashamed, while across the land he blew,

So he found the hat, blew off the dust, and it looked just like new.

Then he blew it very carefully, right on the Snowman’s head.

“You’re the smartest Snowman that I’ve seen,” the North Wind quietly said.


Well, the Snowman was so happy that he smiled the whole day long

And the Robin sat beside him and whistled a special song.

And the rabbit and the big black crow and even next door’s cat,

Were very pleased and happy that the Snowman had his hat!


Author unknown

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