The Cleavage

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This delightful and much sought after property has outstanding views over the rolling downs and overlooks a small wooded copse in the middle distance. The area, much frequented by gamblers and lovers of natural beauty, is a site of special scientific interest and is subject to a preservation order.


Local tradition has it that the property was one of the favoured hosteleries of many a famous traveller and it is even rumoured that King Charles himself rested his head there on his journey to Scotland. Potential purchasers are reminded that the property may only be viewed by prior arrangement or alternatively at public viewing times I.e. pm Fridays and Saturdays.




Short-term letting agreement dorm property known as The Cleavage – registered with The Land Registry and given the title number ALL-UP-FRONT.

  1. No signs can be erected
  2. No keeping of pigs as this is in direct competition with The Freeholder.
  3. No quarrying, tunneling or diving.
  4. The premises must be insured at all times for all eventualities including subsidence and landslip.
  5. The exterior must be decorated every two years preferably with reference to Armani, Channel, or Barratts of Fechenhan.
  6. No motor or battery driven appliances to be used without express permission of The Freeholder.
  7. All effects to be handled only by The Agent.

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