The Measure of a Man

How do you know the measure of a man?

Is it through the life he leads?

Is it through his path of integrity,

That he never would concede?


Do you know the measure of a man

When he stares into your eyes?

When his love and kindness fills you

And his spirit you can’t disguise.


Can you see the measure of a man?

Who smiles throughout his pain.

Who always embraced the sunshine

And laughed through all the rain.


I have seen the measure of a man

Whose family hold him dear,

Who’s strength was inspirational

And intent always sincere.


I have known the measure of a man.

One who touched your heart,

Who the angels softly spoke to and who

From us now must part.


Remember that the measure of this

Man shall never fade or be lost

And the love he brought into our

Lives will never be forgot.


Softly we will speak of him

To chase pain away

And the love we share between us

Will unite us again someday.

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