Time to Love

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In the morning light

I seem to be hurrying into the day.

I see about me those who share my life –

Yet in the hustle of bathroom, breakfast and bus,

they only merit a glance or brief word.

Eye on the clock, toast in my hand,

it takes too much time to say,

I love you.

Lord, in the morning rush – help me.

Lord of the morning,

moments like these are rare.

Moments when I stop to ask myself, what am I rushing for?

The days are so busy,

working – earning – getting,

that I almost have no time for living,

no time to enjoy the company of my wife and children

I waste precious moments,

moments that could live with me for the rest of the day.

Moments when we touch, or there is a meeting of eyes,

Lord – help me to be still with them

for at least one moment today.

Lord in this moment of reflection, help me to remember that,

I’m loved, even though I don’t deserve it.

I’m loved by my family and friends,

and amazingly, I’m loved by you.

Lord of the morning, help me to stop rushing.

I can’t love my family in a hurry.

Help me to take time off

to LOVE.


Frank Topping

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