To All Bullies

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The patchwork girl sits on her bed

with fraying stitches in her head

A patch here another there

People hurt her and they don’t care.


I’ll patch my back’ she says quietly

Many knives were stabbed in there

I’ll patch my ribs’, in each place

Where you kicked me

When I was already down.


The patchwork girl sits on her chair

yanking out chunks of dying black hair

I’ll embroider my arms to cover the scars

And I’ll cross stitch my legs to hide all the bruises.


The patchwork girl lies on the floor,

She’s given up,

She doesn’t care anymore.


I’ll patch my eyes

so no longer I cry,

I’ll patch my eyes

So I can’t see the lies,


The patchwork girl thinks back to the start

Way before the patching began


The biggest patch she thinks is

Way inside where no needle and thread can reach,

She thinks back to the start

the first thing I needed to patch was my heart.


D Tully

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