Women by Definition

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Women may  in weight during a marriage between 40kg and 200kg,  but the only ever quoted figure is 53 kg.  Their surfaces may be covered with a film.  They boil at nothing, freeze without reason and melt with special treatment.  They have a great affinity for gold and a range of precious stones.  They absorb enormous quantities of expensive substances and they may explode spontaneously without prior notice and for no apparent reason.  They are generally insoluble in liquid,  but saturation in alcohol can increase their activity.  They are very effective cleaning agents and at the same time the most powerful money reducing agent known to man.

Women write the rules which are subject to change with immediate effect and without prior notification.  They are ready only when they are ready and pure specimens turn rosy pink when discovered in the natural state and may turn very green when placed next to a better example.

They can be highly dangerous out of experienced hands, and they are illegal to posses in quantities although several can be maintained in different locations provided they do not come into contact with one another.




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